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Festival organizers: Redwood Coast Jazz Festival was a success

EUREKA- The preliminary numbers are in.  By all accounts, the 24th annual Redwood Coast Jazz Festival in Eureka was a success.

Festival organizers confirm about 2,400 attendees came to Jazz Fest during the three days.  That number is calculated without counting sales from three businesses that sell festival tickets.  Organizers say more tickets were sold this year than last year.  They also say ticket sales last year showed an increase in attendance of the festival for the first time in a number of years.  Festival organizers hope this trend continues into the future.

"You see people smiling, walking between the venues.  The weather cooperated and it didn't rain, except on Friday, that was a little bit bad.  So generally, our consensus in just the brief time I've talked with other board members in the last day or so, everybody's happy and the attendees had a good time.  And that's what it's all about," said Lynn McKenna, the President of Redwood Coast Music Festivals.

The final figures will be available in about two weeks.