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Final offer on the table; McKinleyville teachers agreement

MCKINLEYVILLE- After almost a year of negotiations, McKinleyville teachers and the school district have given their final offers before the mediation process between both parties comes to an end. If a deal is not reached the mediator will begin fact finding, before making a recommendation to the school board.

The McKinleyville Teachers Association has submitted two final offers. A one-year plan requesting a three percent salary increase retroactive from July 2013, with a one percent salary increase to start on March of this year and have the district split the cost of medical benefits. The second offer is a two year plan similar to the first, but includes three cost of living increases in addition to the two.

In response, the school district has offered two options for the agreement. A one year agreement that would include a three percent raise and one more discretionary day. The second, a two year agreement, would include the same salary increase and a gap salary increase that would change depending on the amount of funding the district would receive from the state.