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Final public meeting held for Broadway Feasibility Study

EUREKA- Caltrans held an open house Thursday night to help inform residents about a study that examines possible improvements of a portion of Broadway in Eureka, the thoroughfare through the city.

The open house is designed to inform residents about six scenarios that would improve the safety, operational and mobility aspects of Broadway Street between K-Mart and the division of 4th and 5thStreets.  The Broadway Feasibility Study will be finished this summer, and will then be used as a reference document for Caltrans to use to compete for state and federal funding sources.  The meeting was held at the Wharfinger Building and started at 4:30 p.m.  The meeting is also designed to give the public a chance to give their input on possible improvements, something Caltrans officials say is a crucial element of the process.

"We're all members of the community here, our workers as well as the people that are coming here tonight. And everybody has their own, special, unique needs and we're trying to meet those needs for all Californians, the people that live here in the community as well as the people that come and visit. We want to make sure it's safe and sustainable," said Charles Fielder, the District 1 Director for Caltrans.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend Thursday night’s meeting, you can still provide your input for possible improvements to Broadway.  You can send your input by mail to:

California Dept. of Transportation, Attn: Kevin Tucker, 1656 Union Street, Eureka, Ca 95501

You can also email your input to

Input must be submitted by March 15th.