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Fire breaks out under Ryan's Slough Bridge in Eureka

EUREKA- Fire Fighters were called to fight a fire right under the Ryan’s Slough Bridge next to Target.

Officials from Humboldt Bay Fire got the call just before 7:30 pm Thursday evening. Officials say the blaze had been started from a homeless encampment. Firefighters were able to put the fire out from atop the bridge. One man was taken to the hospital for injuries and authorities were seeking the whereabouts of another man who may have ran from the scene. Fire personnel used thermal imaging cameras to try and locate the man but found no one in the area.

Officials are hoping if there was another person burned from the fire, that they will come forward to get treatment. Untreated burns can quickly get infected and become much more serious injuries. Anyone with knowledge of the incident is encouraged to call the police or fire department.


EUREKA POLICE DEPT. 707-441-4060


HUMBOLDT BAY FIRE  707-441-4044