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First reading of “VDU” ordinance at Trinidad City Council Meeting

TRINIDAD - Vacation Dwelling Units, or what the city is calling VDU’s, have never been regulated, but that is about to change.

A proposed ordinance imposing some rules on VDU’s was read to the community at Wednesday night’s City Council Meeting. The popular vacation destination has had some issues in the past with the units and the ordinance is seeking to address those. The ordinance will impose a handful of rules including regulated parking, a renter’s tax, and a city license for all units.

Wednesday night’s reading was just a procedural step. The ordinance will be read again at November’s City Council meeting, giving time in between the two readings for the community to request any changes.

No objections were raised during the reading of the ordinance last night. If adopted in November, the ordinance will move on for a final approval from the Coastal Commission.