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Five friends pedal for a cause

EUREKA - One bike. Five friends. Nearly 2000 miles.

“We're riding a four-person bike from Vancouver down to Mexico to raise money for lung-cancer research,” Hamilton Simon, one of the Tandem Team Tour team members, said.

On September 15, four bikers and their trusty van driver set out from Canada with a mission to bring awareness to what can be a deadly disease.

“There isn't regular set-up pre-screenings for lung cancer like there is with colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer and the reality is, so many people other than smokers get lung cancer but by the time signs and symptoms come, it's often far too late,” Katie Munro, another Tandem Tour Foundation team member, said.

The team hopes to raise $50,000 for early detection lung cancer research by riding their tandem bike through towns along the west coast. Eureka is exactly the halfway point for the Tandem Tour Team who started in Vancouver with the finish line at the Mexico-California border.

“We've been getting really warm reception from everyone. I think people's reactions have been one of the best parts. Just seeing people do double takes and get a giggle out of us,” Munro added.

It’s not been all fun and giggles, though. The route has posed its challenges.

“The team has been essential for getting through the hard times, especially for a big trip like this. Being gable to get through those days where you just struggling-you know, the rainy, the uphill days. Having people there to help lift spirits is just huge I think,” Simon said.

But over every mountain and out of every valley, both metaphorically and physically, the team has triumphed. And they continue down the coast for their cause.

If you would like to donate to the Tandem Tour Foundation, you can visit their website at or go to Facebook and search “The Tandem Tour Foundation.”