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Flu season ramps up across California, North Coast remains steady

NORTH COAST- As flu season ramps up across the state health officials say the strain of influenza known as H1N1 that hit the country in 2009 is back.
Flu season typically runs from Oct. to May and peaks in the months of Dec. and Jan. According to the CDC, H1N1 is widespread across ten states so far although it has yet to reach California. Humboldt County health officials said pockets of the state have seen a spike in flu cases but so far only one severe case has been confirmed with the county along the North Coast. 
Public Health Nurse Eric Gordon said, “Over the last month there has been and increase in the number of people who are going to the hospital with concerns of fever, cough, influenza-like illness in general so all of that indicates that we are starting to ramp up for the flu season and this is about the time that we would expect it."
The Public Health Clinic is giving out the flu shot. You can make an appointment with the clinic in Eureka or drop by for their walk-in clinic any Thursday afternoon at 529 I Street.