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Flu shots still available for upcoming flu season

EUREKA- As the holiday season is approaching, the Department of Health and Human Services says you should get your flu shot now.

According the DHHS, no flu cases have been reported yet in Humboldt County but that is expected to change in just two weeks. The Thanksgiving and Christmas season is when the North Coast sees it’s biggest increase in flu cases. The very young and very old, as well as those susceptible to infection are most at risk.

Even though health officials say it is recommended to get your flu shot in October, it is not too late to get protected.

“It's never too late to get flu vaccinated because you can always be more protected for next year even if it's too late for protecting this year,” said Susan Wardrip, DHHS immunization coordinator. “But the vaccine kicks in, in about two weeks in most people. So if we get it now before Thanksgiving or before Christmas we should be protected for flu season.”