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Fly Humboldt’s final push for minimum revenue guarantee

Organizers and supporters of Fly Humboldt gathered Thursday for a final push to raise a 1 million-dollar minimum revenue guarantee.

The guarantee is like an insurance policy for airlines that are looking to start up service in an airport.

Fly Humboldt has been working to welcome additional air service to the Arcata-Eureka Airport.

The last time we checked in with them, they had collected more than 90% of the million dollar guarantee.

Thursday, they have less than two percent to go, which they demonstrated by cutting 2% of a cheese pie!

Having this guarantee does not promise an airline will immediately come in, but it makes our airport more attractive. 

"As a local business person for the last 40 years, I wanted to support additional airlines coming in for having the dependability, for personal travel, for business travel. It's one of the main Achilles heel of this community is getting in and out of here. I think it will increase the net revenue slash quality of life here, radically," Robert Lawton, a local business owner, said.