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Fly Humboldt nearing milestone

EUREKA - Fly Humboldt, an organization working to welcome additional air service to our Arcata-Eureka Airport, is nearing an important milestone. Fly Humboldt has collected more than 90% of its million-dollar minimum revenue guarantee.

The guarantee is something that airlines coming into new airports like to have. It assures the airline that the community wants to be partners with them. This guarantee is something that fly Humboldt has been working at for some time.

Just two weeks ago, organizers assessed the status of the fundraising and realized they had only $84,000 left to go. Between then and Tuesday, that number has dropped to $66,000. Fly Humboldt hopes to reach the million-dollar mark by the end of the year.

“It's basically a business practice these days with airlines, when they talk to small communities, probably large communities as well, they insist on having a revenue guarantee so they can assure themselves that all the money they're putting into starting a new venture helps provide the capital when the times are lean, getting the service up and running,” Virginia Bass, supervisor for Humboldt County, said.  

When they reach that million-dollar minimum revenue guarantee, it does not insure we will immediately get another airline. But, it does mean we will be ready when an airline shows interest in our area.

If you’re interested in pledging, donating, or just learning more, you can visit their website at