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Food for People receives donation of over 1,600 lbs. of grass-fed beef

EUREKA- A local non-profit organization has donated more than a 1,600 lbs. of grass-fed beef to Food for People.

Jacoby Creek Land Trust made the donation using steer raised on the organization’s ranch in Bayside.The group first donated 1,500 lbs. of grass-fed beef to Food for People over the summer and the second donation was on Tuesday.Officials with Jacoby Creek Land Trust say the donations are investments in the health of the community.Jacoby Creek Land Trust has 15 steer left, which will be used for more grass-fed beef to benefit Food for People.  
"Meat is a highly desired item among the many households we serve because it is rather expensive.  And this is such a high quality item, the grass-fed beef, and it feels really good to us to be providing something that is so nutritious and that is locally raised and getting the feedback from the people that we serve about how well they like it," said Anne Holcomb, the Executive Director of Food for People.