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Former Eureka City Council Member Lance Madsen passes away

EUREKA- A man whose life was spent serving the City of Eureka, former City Council Member Lance Madsen, passed away over the weekend at the age of 65. 

Flags in the City of Eureka are at half mast for the passing of Lance Madsen, former Eureka City Council member, police officer, business owner, husband and father, who died Saturday after suffering from health issues.

"You always thought Lance would be there to give you advice or tell you a story or something like that, but now he's gone, and it's kind of hard to fathom that it's actually happened," said Mayor Frank Jager, the Mayor of the City of Eureka.

Born and raised in Eureka, Madsen joined the Eureka Police Department in 1973 as an officer, and was promoted to detective in 1979, where he worked as a child abuse investigator.  He later retired due to on the job injuries.

"He is just a marvelous person who is really going to be sorely missed by the city, by the residents and certainly by the police department," said Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police Department.

Madsen was first elected to the Eureka City Council in 1990, served for 8 years, and then came back to the city council in 2010 to serve another term before stepping down for health reasons at the end of last year.  City officials say Madsen was instrumental in much of Eureka’s waterfront development during the 1990’s, bringing Costo to Eureka, and making improvements to the U.S. 101 Corridor.

"The fact that he spend most all of his life serving the people of Eureka and doing things for the people of Eureka, and that's I think going to be his legacy," said Mayor Jager.

Madsen also worked at the Eureka Housing Authority and for the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods, where he served as president multiple times.

"He had no fear.  So when there were quite a few times when the club was facing financial collapse or facing some challenging decision, that's typically the time that Lance came in and really stepped up as a president," said Liz Smith, the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods. 

"He was just such a wonderful icon for the community.  He had done a lot for the community.  He had given a lot of himself for the community. He would have continued to do that,” Mayor Jager said.

Last March, Lance Madsen was awarded the first ever City of Eureka Mayor’s Community Award of Merit.