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Fortuna businesses take part in scam and loss prevention workshop

"It's really scary the number of ways that they can get to your information and take advantage of you," Robert Frawley of Reaching For Independence said.

Frawley was one business owner in attendance today for the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce meeting. Today’s topic: loss prevention and scams.

"My grandfather was taken for $7500 with the ‘grandpa scam,’" Frawley said.

The “Grandparent’s Scam” was up for discussion today, along with a dozen others.

"We do it before the Christmas season and Thanksgiving holiday so people are aware of the latest scams," Enoch Ibarra said.

Ibarra is the crime prevention specialist with the Fortuna Police Department. He said businesses are often targeted.

“Because they have money, they're busy and there are a lot of ways of distracting them and getting into their accounts," Ibarra said.

Younger people and older people are also likely to become victims.

"The younger because they're on all these social networks,” Ibarra said. “The older people, a lot of them because they're retired, they have funds and they're very trusting."

So Ibarra’s hope out of all this—

"Awareness,” Ibarra said. “Awareness more than anything and letting other people know what’s going on."

As for Frawley, he’s making changes starting today.

"I’m going to be real careful with my credit cards now that I found out somebody can walk by and scam it,” Frawley said.