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Fortuna California Conservation Corps team helps families in Detroit

FORTUNA- Thirteen Fortuna California Conservation Corps members are in Detroit for the next month working in federally declared disaster areas.

The local team took off for Michigan yesterday. There they will be doing clean-up work from the city's flash flooding that occurred in late august.

As part of that work, the team will go house-to-house in the metro-Detroit area, removing drywall and clearing debris damaged by the water. The clean up effort is funded by FEMA. The Fortuna crew joins five other Conservation Corps groups there from across the country.

“We're really lucky and feel honored that we could send corps members from Fortuna out of the I think over 12 hundred core members in the state and the 11 different centers, we were selected, a supervisor from here and corps members from here were selected,” said Larry Notheis, Fortuna California Conservation Corps Center Director. “So, it speaks a lot to the corps members here that are either from this area or are able to come to this area. That they've worked really hard to help our communities and they were selected to go.”