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Fortuna City Council authorizes new police dispatch software

FORTUNA- Fortuna Police Department will soon be getting new software designed to make police response and reporting more efficient.

On Monday the city council approved a contract with Sunridge Incorporated for a $217,000 software upgrade. In the next six months the police department will transition into a new computer aided dispatch and records management system called RIMS. The software allows officers to go paperless when reporting cases and is accessible on their mobile devices. The city will pay for the new software over the next five years.

“I think the change the public will see is it will allow our officers to basically streamline their efforts in report writing,” said Fortuna Police Chief Bill Dobberstein. “They can do it in their patrol units versus coming back to the station, logging on a computer and typing in a report, printing it out and coming back out on patrol. This system allows them to go out, write the report in their car, click a button, it goes to the sergeant for approval and they can continue on patrol, continue on to the next call so it's going to streamline our operations in that regard.”

The Fortuna Police Department joins Arcata Police in this transition. Both departments currently run on a server shared with the Eureka Police Department. EPD is changing its software causing the others to find cheaper alternatives. The Arcata Police Department is installing their system now and plan to have it online by Thursday.