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Fortuna City Council raises fees, decreases budget deficit

FORTUNA- Due to a budget deficit, parents placing their children in Fortuna Parks and Recreation’s Summer Fund program will pay an increased fee.

Fortuna city council approved an increase in fees for summer Parks and Recreation activities, as well as community development services at its meeting last night. although the increases are small, council officials say those fees are being raised due to increased costs.

“We've been trying to hold those fees down as long as we could but they need to come up and that will help balance the budget,” Mayor Douglas Strehl said.

Also at the meeting the council reviewed proposed budget cuts from city departments and approved a budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. With the increased fees and cuts, the council was able to bring the $700,000 deficit down to $71,000. Officials say they will continue to work to find ways to raise city revenue.