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Fortuna drawing closer to Upper 9th Street annexation

FORTUNA- A project one and a half years in the making will come to a close next month, with the city of Fortuna becoming 73 acres larger.

The city recently completed it's pressure zone 3-5 project.  It combined two pressure zones by running an eight inch water main through the upper 9th Street area, creating better pressure and service ability for water customers. As part of that project, the land, including several residential properties will now be annexed.

Humboldt County's Local Agency Formation Commission will vote in march to grant that annexation. In return, those residents will become official Fortuna citizens and will see lower water and sewer rates, as well as better police coverage.

"Our general plan calls for annexation of specific areas within our sphere of influence and there's a couple on the books right now one is probably moving forward in the near future near Newburg Park, that area there," City Manager Regan Candelario said. "There's some housing development projects and other potential projects in that area. It would benefit the city as well as the community, so we're interested in that. another one on our list is near the airport we're hoping to expand south and utilize some of that property there again to facilitate economic development projects and other things that might benefit the community."