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Fortuna High School FFA students unable to compete at Redwood Acres

FORTUNA- Fortuna High School’s FFA program is under fire after telling parents that their children would not be able to show animals at the Redwood Acres Fair.

“My daughter went in to get an Ag loan to purchase animals and we learned that they were not supporting it and they refused to sign their paperwork,” said FFA Parent Tim Dias.

The school’s Future Farmers of America program has discontinued its participation in the Best of Humboldt Fair at Redwood Acres. Neither the school nor the board of trustees would comment on the issue Monday.

The discontinuation is in part because of scheduling issues. The school’s Ag director is not available to supervise students at the fair and because of FFA rules all students must be supervised. Many students who already have animals for the show now must make a choice miss out on the fair or show as an independent.

“I just think that this is an opportunity that children are missing out,” Dias said. “I mean the students here at Fortuna High can take an extra animal, they can sell it on top of it if you're taking an animal you're going to take to Ferndale anyhow, you're getting that experience, the animal is getting that experience and when you go to Ferndale, you're not as nervous, the animal's not as nervous, issues like that.”

The school board will hear parent complaints on the issue at their December 9th meeting. A spokesperson from Redwood Acres told news channel three that they are really sorry to hear students will not be participating and they hope the board can find a solution.