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Fortuna Middle School gets outdoor classroom

Fortuna Middle School will soon have an outdoor classroom.

The school received a $9,000 grant from the Department of Fish and Wildlife to purchase native plants that will surround the area in front of the gymnasium. On Saturday, dozens of volunteers will come out to help with the construction of it. Volunteers will spread dirt around in preparation for adding the plants and benches. Event coordinators said that they’ve also had community members and local businesses like Leonardo Trucking and Humboldt Redwood Company donate resources. Science teacher Ian Glendhill said the outdoor classroom will serve as learning tool.

"We're going to use this just to deepen their understanding of the science concepts,” Glendhill said. “Especially in life science and we're going to be doing studies and we're going to— as far as finding out what sort of animals come over here over time and how it progresses through out the years."