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Fortuna middle schools to use tablet computers in class

FORTUNA- Instead of checking out books, starting next fall seventh and eighth graders at Fortuna and Toddy Thomas Middle Schools will be receiving tablets.

The tablets are part of a pilot program by Fortuna Elementary School District and will be checked out to students at the beginning of the school year. Students can use the tablets to read course material, manage and submit homework assignments, research online, as well as give teacher feedback.

The computers will be used in every class, allowing students to "check in" upon arrival - and eliminating the need for an in-class roll call. Students will even be able to take home the tablets for further use 

“It's a way to help students stay organized, to practice those technology skills that are necessary now for 21st century learners,” said Toddy Thomas Middle School Teacher Rachel Galliani.  

The school district is the first in Northern California to use this system in the classroom. Teachers will be able to monitor student use of the computers during class time from a designated instructor's tablet. 

“I think it will engage the kids and I'm hoping it will also really help with our attendance, because the kids are going to want to be here and want to be able to use these tablets,” said Fortuna Elementary School District Superintendent Patti Hafner.

Although the tablets will be integrated into classroom learning, the district says there will still be class discussion and student-to-student interactions offline.