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Fortuna Police Department warns of holiday scams

FORTUNA- Millions of Americans participated in Cyber Monday and as the holiday shopping season kicks off, the Fortuna Police Department is launching their 24 Scams of Christmas campaign. Although scams can happen at anytime, the department is encouraging shoppers to be extra cautious this Christmas.

Scams often increase around the holiday season when people are spending and buying the most. As more people begin to shop online this year, the department warns of unsolicited emails with large discount coupons or too good to be true gifts. These emails can often give your device a virus, and can lead to a stolen identity.

“If it looks too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true,” said Lt. Matthew Eberhardt with the Fortuna Police Department. “If there's question about it, log on to the actual official website, don't click a link. If it happens to be a big chain business offering this deal, go through their official website don't click on the email offering the 90 percent off coupon or something.”