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Fortuna receives $185K grant for interchange improvement study

FORTUNA- Fortuna city officials will be taking a closer look in the coming months at an area known for a high accident rate and a confusing five way stop.

The city was awarded $185,400 from a Caltrans Sustainable Community Grant. That money will help fund a planning study for improvements on the 12th Street and Kenmar interchanges. The city says those areas have limited pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and the 12th street intersection with Dinsmore Road can confuse drivers.

The study will take a year to complete with a consultant being hired in July. The city hopes to have an improvement project started within the next 10 years.

"This planning study will give us an idea of what the environmental impacts are, what are need for right of way and most importantly, what the project cost is so that when we program the project we can be confident on what it's going to take to get it completed," Fortuna Public Works Director Merritt Perry said, "and having this engineers feasibility study will also allow us to make the case as to the project's regional significance and pursue funding through the Humboldt County Association of Governments and the State Transportation Improvement Program."