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Fortuna residents light up house on Kenmar Road, welcome onlookers

For Charlotte and Jupe Holt, 2215 Kenmar Road is home— but for the community, visiting the house is a holiday tradition.

"Since I was little, I remember coming here and looking at all the lights," Fortuna resident Shayla Cook said.

The Holts said that decorating the house to this extent was initially for the grandchildren. 15 years later, it’s a community event.

"We love to have the people come up and down our drive way,” Charlotte Holt said. “They can drive up, walk up, whatever they want to do."

People of all ages from nearby cities come to Fortuna to see the house.

"Always come out every year,” Eureka resident Greg Cronquist said. “It's a fantastic display that they have out here."

For some, visiting the house is a decade old tradition, for others, it’s a new tradition.

"It’s kind of better than ours,” Lizzy Brown said.

The Holts guess that they use about 50,000 lights and add that it takes a week to decorate.

"The kids come down after Thanksgiving to help us put up the big stuff and then I put up the lights after that," Jupe Holt said.

So what do Char and Jupe ask in return? Nothing really.

"We do it for the community,” Jupe Holt said. “We do it because we like it. We really like it."

The Holts said they will leave the display up until the day after New Years.