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Fortuna residents to vote on sales tax measure in November

From the City of Fortuna: 
With a community opinion survey showing that virtually two-thirds of Fortuna voters would support a simple majority requirement one cent sales tax measure to fund local public safety needs and support small businesses and economic development, the Fortuna City Council acted unanimously at its July 7th meeting to place the Fortuna Budget Stabilization Measure on the November 2014 ballot.
“Our constituents have strongly indicated that they want the City to have a dedicated source of local funding that can’t be taken by Sacramento,” said City Manager Regan Candelario. “Having a reliable source of local funds will allow the City to maintain 911 emergency response services, including restoring cuts to police protection.”
Continued City Manager Candelario, “And we learned in the Spring Survey that our residents strongly support the City’s ability to help our small businesses as well as support events like the well known Fortuna Rodeo and AutoXPo and the many other community based organizations that make Fortuna such a wonderful City.” 
Said Mayor Douglas Strehl, “Our area used to thrive with industries such as timber and fishing. But now those industries are gone and it’s up to us to provide the support our city and its businesses need to create a thriving local economy and sustain our property values.  Sacramento money grabs have taken their toll and no one else will help us unless we help ourselves.”  
The election will be conducted on November 4, 2014.  If enacted, none of the funds raised by this measure can be seized by Sacramento.