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Fortuna Rodeo Association donates to improve Rohner Park bocce ball court

FORTUNA- Fortuna City Council and Rodeo Association members met Thursday night in Rohner Park for a friendly game of bocce ball.

The bocce court was dedicated eight months ago by the city and has since been used in several tournaments.

“Right now people can come out and they can use the courts. They can even get the bocce balls from our park office during the daytime as long as the office is open,” Fortuna Mayor Pro Tem Mike Losey said. “They'll just hand those out. There's no fee and people can come and use the balls and the court.”

Thursday’s game was in honor of a $7,500 donation given by the Fortuna Rodeo Association to the city. The donation will go towards making several improvements to the bocce court- including a new fence to enclose the space, an irrigation system and updated equipment.

“It's starting to be used quite a bit and we're just going to make it a lot more user friendly,” Fortuna Rodeo Association President Shannon Mcwhorter said.

Officials say the updates will be completed by early fall and they hope the improvements will help draw more people out to the park.