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Fortuna State of the City Breakfast held on Thursday

FORTUNA- Members of the business community, non-profit organizations, Humboldt County and Fortuna city officials met for the fourth annual Fortuna State of the City Breakfast Thursday morning.

The meeting was at River Lodge and city departments had the chance to share the state of their departments. The collaboration of different agencies and programs in Fortuna was also a topic at the breakfast.  Accomplishments like the annexation of the River Walk area and new development projects for city parks were also discussed.  Agendas moving forward like increasing education for emergency preparedness among residents and bringing new businesses to Fortuna were in the discussion, too. The City Manager of Fortuna, Regan Candelario, says these kinds of meetings are essential to improving the city.

"We always want to have our community informed and involved in what we're doing. Awareness is very key to support and cooperation. So this is a great opportunity for us to get information out and get feedback back from the community, both residential and the business community," said Candelario.