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Fortuna teachers prepare kindles for classroom learning

FORTUNA- It may be Christmas vacation for students on the north coast, but teachers at one local school are back at work preparing a surprise for 13 classes.

On Monday, seven teachers from Ambrosini Elementary were hard at work on their day off setting up brand new kindles for their classrooms. With money raised by the Rohnerville Education Foundation, the school was able to purchase 65 kindle fires. Each teacher received five kindles for their classrooms to begin using in January.

On Monday the teachers worked to register the devices and load them with books and apps for reading, spelling, math and more.

The kindles are part of a push to help kids develop key technology skills while learning. Student progress is monitored on the kindles and reported back to the teachers, who can then use that information to help further the children’s understanding of a variety of subjects.

“As they go forward in their professional growth and you know just moving on into middle school and high school, they will definitely need to be internet savvy,” said Margie Plant, a third grade teacher At Ambrosini Elementary. “And they will need to know how to access all kinds of books and reports to do research so this is just kind of taking it at the beginning stages for them.”