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Four arrested in Loleta

LOLETA - Humboldt County Drug Task Force agents arrested four men in Loleta after finding massive amounts of drugs, cash and a shotgun.

Arrested were 24-year-old Rolondo Coneuo-Becerra, 42-year-old Heriberto Galvan-Rosiles, 46-year-old Antonio Galvan-Rosiles, and 24-year old Ernesto Corneuo-Garcia.

Yesterday,just after 10 am, law enforcement approached a house that had been under surveillance on the 300 block of Loleta drive. Corneuo-Becerra tried running out the back of the house but was apprehended. An investigation showed the suspect in possession of over $9,000 in cash, 58-grams of suspected cocaine, 3/4 of a pound of bulk- packaged methamphetamine and hydrocodone pills hidden in a vehicle. A handle-grip shotgun was also found in a laundry room ceiling.

Corneuo-Bacerra was booked into the Humboldt County Jail for a long list of charges. The two Galvan-Rosiles men and Cornueo-Carcia were placed in custody for various drug possession for sales charges.