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Four riding from Canada to Mexico on one bike for worthy cause

Four riders on one bike are raising money and awareness as they travel down the left coast.

On September 15, Ryan Hickey, Jeff Belanger Katie Munro and Hamilton Simon along with a support driver, Simon Smith left Canada. They will be traveling through Eureka and on to Mexico in hopes of raising $50,000 for early detection of lung cancer research. They are riding one specially constructed quad tandem bicycle.

The four riders chose lung cancer because they have family members who have been affected by the disease. They also point out that lung cancer is unique in that it has no prescribed method of screening within the general practitioner’s office. The riders say, “Smokers are not the only individuals who get lung cancer. Often times when symptoms do show, it is too late to seek treatment.”

By volunteering for the tour, the group said they were trying to give back just as much as they get from life. To keep tabs on their progress go to: