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Freshwater elementary students invent for science class

EUREKA- Rows and rows of new products created by 6th grade Freshwater Elementary students lined the gym Wednesday night for the schools Invention Convention. Every student is required to build, design and create a unique product for their class.

It is the second year 6th graders in Kylah Rush's class have been working on the project. Rush said it gives students a chance to use their creativity and connect it with science. "I think kids are more invested when they are building something that they care about," said Rush.

Every student was told to come up with the invention based on something that they could use in their life. Then, Rush said, students began drawing and constructing their invention.

McKenna Standley, a student, created a 'Present Protector' a Christmas tree skirt lined with bubble wrap. "When a naughty kid tries to get their presents they step on the bubble wrap and it pops," said McKenna.

McKenna got the idea during Christmas. "I thought 'Hey, I should do something to get kids from getting into their presents," she said.

Every student was required to develop a marketing plan, create a sales pitch and try to sell their product.

6th grader, Kelsey Hatch sold the 'Clutter Buster' a shelf that holds school items and can hook onto the side of a student's desk. Kelsey priced the product for $10.99 and offered half off if customers bought a second one.

"I came up with this idea because I would loose my pencils and my papers," he said. Kelsey cut the wood and sanded it before he built it and painted it.

Rush said the project gives students an opportunity to learn about science in a different way.  "I think some of them don't think of science as something that they're good at," said Rush. "This really helps them to delve into something that their interested in and solve a problem that pertains to their lives."