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Future of site; College of the Redwood's Trustees meet in Fort Bragg

FORT BRAGG- College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees met in Fort Bragg Tuesday to listen to community members concerns over suspending instruction at the Mendocino educational site. The town hall was filled to capacity as over a hundred members of the community listened to input from the public over the proposed plan.

The Board made no action and only listened to public comment on the topic. The board will meet again on March 4th and are likely to discuss the future of the Fort Bragg and Garberville instructional site said Paul DeMark, Director of Marketing and Communications.

President Kathy Smith has recommended that the college suspend education at the site for the upcoming 2014-15 school year in order to balance the college's budget. Both sites have seen smaller enrollment numbers over the years. Community members blamed the administration for reducing courses and not providing enough assistance to students for the decrease.

An alternative to closing the site is having the area of Fort Bragg fall under Mendocino College's District. In order for the campus to be under another college, the College of the Redwood's Board would have to vote to pursue the change or members of the Fort Bragg community would have to vote for the change. In both alternatives Mendocino College would have to agree to the switch. DeMark said Mendocino College has been approached by members of the Fort Bragg community and by College of the Redwoods administration to discuss the possible alternative.

Four of the eight board members were at the meeting, Richard Dorn, Tracy Coppini and Rick Bennet could not attend the meeting. The board will meet again at the Eureka Campus on March 4th.