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Garbage cleaned up at Fields Landing dump site

FIELDS LANDING- A large excavator picked up the remaining trash of an illegal dump site that has been frustrating nearby neighbors for months in Fields Landing.

Employees from the Humboldt County Public Works Department, County Counsel and Code Enforcement were there to work on the project that cost the county an estimated $7500.

The dump site's closest neighbor, Anita Hart, told News Channel 3 previously that she had been dealing with the problem for several months.

1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn was at the clean up on Thursday. He said it takes time for the county to clean up dump sites like the one in Fields Landing. Bohn said the county had to make sure that no one claimed the two trailers, the boats, or the abandoned truck.

Bohn said illegal dump sites occur all over the county and is a major strain on the county. "We do these on a weekly basis and it's becoming a big hit to our budget and our man power." he said.

The spot is on public land and the county has cleaned it up before. Crews brought large boulders to line the road so that vehicles can not back into the area and dump trash again.

The Environmental Health Department will have to come out later to deal with some unknown substances left in buckets at the site.