Gas Fuels Books For Dow's Prairie Elementary School

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Student's in Susan House's first grade class received 120 brand new books from Chevron's Fuel Your School Program. The company donated the non-fiction groups to the class as part of it's program that gives back to local schools.


House wrote the grant application and said the books will help get her students excited about reading. "They just really light up and you can really see them turning onto education," said House.


All the books are for the first graders reading level, which means the students will be able to read all the books by the end of the school year.


"To be able to have books to put into their hands, especially at their level, will really make a difference between them being successful in first grade and perhaps struggling," said House.


Principal of Dow's Prairie Elementary School, Kevin Scheffar, said donations like this are essential when schools are loosing funding from the state.


"A lot of teachers spend their own money on their classrooms and i think having a donation like this really helps to offset that," said Sheffar.


House's request for books on math and science is the reason she was awarded the books, because the company wants to get students into science.


Chevron will donate more money to schools in Humboldt, Del Norte and surrounding counties. Until the end of October a dollar is donated for every eight gallons costumers buy at one time.