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Gas Prices Drop Below 4 Bucks

There was some happy news in Humboldt County today…Gas prices finally dropped below 4-dollars a gallon.  It’s the first time this has happened in California since February of 2012. AAA say this drop was expected…the US changes to a less expensive winter blend of gasoline every year at this time. One driver we talked to said he was skeptical though because just down the road in Willits, prices are still 25 to 30 cents cheaper. Others were enthused…CR Student Athlete, Keanu Chee: “It’s kind of good for us because we’re all football players at CR and it’s our bye week this week so, we decided to go down to San Francisco and we had to come and put gas in and seeing the lower prices makes us happy.”

Dave Brose, a resident who was on his way to go hang gliding said, “Any little break helps you know. We’re so far away from refineries right? So, it has to travel so far.  But hey…look…we’ll take it. Anything…anything they want to give us we’ll take it right?

Gas may be the cheapest right across the border. One driver told us at the Oregon Safeway stores that carry gas, with their store card, you can get an extra 40 to 60 cents off a gallon…that’s on top of the already lower, non-taxed rates Oregon residents enjoy every day.  So, theories will continue to be bounced around at the water cooler regarding our fluctuating gas rates. For the moment however…North Coast drivers are just happy prices are down.