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Gas prices in Humboldt County more than $4 per gallon

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Gas prices in Humboldt County are now reaching $4 per gallon.  According to, gas prices are up to an average of $4.01, up from $3.97 just over 2 weeks ago.

Humboldt County gas prices are 12 cents per gallon higher than the rest of California, which was recorded at $3.89 per gallon as of Tuesday. 

We asked North Coast residents what they think about this recent spike in local gas prices.

"It's frustrating to come to the gas station and see that the gas prices have gone up in Humboldt County.  I'm kind of upset about it," said Courtney Janak, who lives in Arcata.

"I think it's simply outrageous.  I was coming back from crescent city and some places were over four dollars and here in Eureka, it's just ridiculous for the prices," said Bradley Menchaca, who lives in Eureka.

"A while back, during 9/11, it was $1.75 or something a gallon and I thought that was too high.  I think Eureka has the highest gas prices in California probably," said Rodney Del Grande, who lives in Eureka.