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Ghost named Ralph haunting Morris Graves Museum of Art

EUREKA- With Halloween is upon us, News Channel 3 is taking a closer look at one of the haunted buildings of Humboldt County, the current Morris Graves Museum of Art building in Eureka. 

Built in 1904, the former Carnegie Free Library in Eureka experienced its first supernatural event in 1972, when it was the Humboldt County Library Administrative Building.

"One of the employees had gone down to the basement to retrieve some magazines for a library patron.  Her name was Claudia and she was known to be very sensible and she felt a tug on her sweater and she turned around and there was no one there.  So she ran upstairs and told all her coworkers about the experience," said Janine Murphy, the Programs Manager for the Humboldt Arts Council and the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

The encounters didn’t stop there.

"There's other employees who have worked here, especially when it was the library, who have experienced a chair propping itself up in mid air on its back two legs," said Lisa Polack, the Membership Coordinator for the Humboldt Arts Council and the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

After these events, library employees decided they wanted to know more about what was going on.

"One of the employees held a scaonce in the basement, bringing in a Ouija Board, and they spelled out the letters R-A-L-P-H and they spelled out Ralph and from here on out, that's what we named our ghost," Murphy said.

Some current Morris Graves Museum employees say they have had their own personal encounters with Ralph.

Janine Murphy was alone in the basement last year when she first started working at the museum.

"A paperclip landed on my desk out of nowhere.  And I was completely alone in the office and I don't have any ledges above my desk so it definitely startled me,” said Murphy.

For others, the experiences are more common.

"Periodically in the afternoons, I'll get a call at my desk and there's nobody on the line and I like to think that's Ralph just saying, 'Hi,' checking in," Polack said.

Employees say they believe Ralph means no harm.

"It doesn't make me feel uncomfortable.  I think it's kind of interesting actually," Murphy said.

News channel 3 was not able to reach Ralph for a comment.