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Global Peace Run makes stop in Eureka

EUREKA- The Peace Run is a global event, where once every two years, runners in 140 different countries run a total of 35,000 miles.  They do this to symbolize global harmony and peace. On Tuesday, a team of runners was greeted at Eureka City Hall.

The 12 international runners on the North American Team began the relay run in New York City in April, and will return to New York City in August, after traveling 12,000 miles through America, Mexico, and Canada.  The team was welcomed at Eureka City Hall where Redwood Coast Montessori students, their parents, and teachers were in attendance. Also, at the Peace Proclamation Ceremony, the team presented the Torch-Bearer award to Mayor Frank Jager, which honors people who have inspired and served their community.  The North American Team Leader, Arpan DeAngelo, says the Peace Run symbolizes that achieving something as great as peace takes individuals doing their part.

"We're not trying to promote running.  But we feel each person has a way to express peace and share that with their community.  Whether it's through their occupation or through art or music, or through community service, selfless service or their job, serving as community leaders, or just being a good person," said DeAngelo.