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Godwit Days kicks off in Arcata

ARCATA - The 20th Anniversary of Godwit Days, kicked off Wednesday morning at the Arcata Community Center. 

With the theme, Warm Up Wednesday, Godwit participants were just warming up their binoculars for the first of five days in birding. The event celebrates the marbled godwit and other bird species that are migrating in the area. The day began with a field tour by 20 year Godwit committee member, Gary Bloomfield and birding by phone. Where he showed how bird apps could help visitors attending the event. 

“It's sort of a relatively new development in birding, is to be able to use the smart phone to be able to help identify and even find and track down birds. Bird log is good at keeping track of the lists and being able to submit them directly to Ebird which is a national repository of birding data that anyone can contribute to and access and find out about birds in any given area,” said Godwit Days Field Guide Leader, Gary Bloomfield.