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Goldberg assault trial delayed; Robison attorney requests gag order

EUREKA - Jon Goldberg’s attorneys need more time to prepare for new assault charges after the District Attorney’s Office introduced new witness testimony right before the preliminary hearing. 

The DA’s office alleges that Goldberg assaulted his wife, Rachel Goldberg, the same day they say he shot and killed Fortuna Fire Captain Tim Smith. The office also claims that Goldberg repeatedly battered his wife over a period of two years. A visiting judge expected to preside over the preliminary hearing when the DA entered and said he had just completed a fifteen minute interview with a new witness, a woman named Frieda Smith. Goldberg’s attorney requested more time to review the testimony. That hearing is now scheduled for March 8th. Goldberg will be in court again for the murder charges next week. 

Also in court today Maxx Robison’s attorneys filed a gag order to prohibit any court or law enforcement officer from discussing his case. The order also names the City of Eureka, Sheriff’s Office, and jail personnel.

Robison stands accused of the shooting death of 19-year-old Eureka resident Rhianna Mckenzie in June of last year. He will also appear in court next week.