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Good Samaritan steps up to aid in an arrest with EPD

A citizen responded to an officer’s call for help in subduing a felon under the influence of drugs.

on June 9th just before 10:30 am, near the 1500 block of F Street in Eureka, an officer with the Eureka Police Department was attempting to arrest a wanted felon, 23-year old Jason Gower who was in possession of stolen property from a recent burglary. Gower resisted arrest and the attending officer called out for help. A citizen, Jonathan E. Hening came to the aid of the officer by holding Gower’s legs and putting himself in harms way. Gower was arrested and the officer sustained a hand injury in the struggle but was treated and released from St. Joseph’s Hospital.

EPD officials say citizen Hening was very helpful to the officer and displayed character and compassion not often encountered by Police in similar situations and his actions should be recognized by the department.