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Google Chromebooks for every student at Academy of the Redwoods

EUREKA- The Academy of the Redwoods is now the first high school in Humboldt County to take part in a new initiative.  Educators say it is changing the way students learn inside and outside of the classroom. 

Problems would arise when students at the Early College High School Academy of the Redwoods would get electronic assignments.

"It would take a lot longer. And different students were able to complete the assignments in different ways," said Danielle Carmesin, the Principal of the Academy of the Redwoods.

Tenth grader Sarah Rodrigues never used to want to bring her own laptop to school.  Now she is one of the students at the academy of the redwoods to get her own Google Chromebook.

"I feel like it's just going to help me be a lot more organized. I'm organized but I feel like this is just going to make it a lot better and it'll have everyone just have everything put together and ready to go," Rodrigues said.

Students received their Google Chromebooks for the start of the spring semester on Wednesday.  This complies with the State Department of Education’s Common Core Standards, emphasizing students need to use different technologies.

Each ninth and tenth grade student will receive a Google Chromebook, as well as every incoming freshman class for now on.  Students will be able to keep those devices until they graduate, only having to return them every summer.

"It'll make our work easier and we'll be more likely to do them because we'll have a fun new toy to do them on," said Haven Stone, a tenth grader at the school.

Teachers say there will now be more ways for students to learn.

"So if I said, 'Create a blog,' if someone didn't have a computer at home or access, I couldn't expect that they could do that," said Gini Wozny, the English teacher of Academy of the Redwoods.

While students will be able to do more types of assignments, they won’t be able to do other things as easily, such as making excuses.

'"I thought I turned that in,' and you can pull up the assignment and you can see, 'Oh actually, it's sitting in your drive still,' and 'Oh, you haven't worked on it,'" Principal Carmesin said.

The Google Chromebooks will be used in all aspects of the curriculum, but the school will not be completely paperless for now.