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Grandparent scam affecting Humboldt County residents

FORTUNA- Phone scammers are back at it again, this time targeting grandparents. The Fortuna Police Department says they’ve received several reports of a grandparent scam happening around the county.

The scam involves a caller claiming to be a grandchild. The caller will then say they are in some sort of trouble and ask the grandparent for money. As the call progresses, the scammer will try to get as much personal information as possible, usually resulting in the grandparent getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. Authorities say if you receive a call like this, you should ask the caller detailed questions that only your grandchild or close relatives would know.

“Don't be giving out information,” said Sgt. Jason Kadle of the Fortuna Police Department. “If something sounds too good to be true or a family member that normally hasn't called you and hasn't asked for money is all of a sudden calling and asking you for money, you might want to think twice before you start sending money without contacting other family members first and trying to clarify and make sure there isn’t something actually wrong.”

If you are contacted by one of these scammers, authorities say to report the phone number to your local police department. For more about scams… you can contact the Fortuna Crime Prevention Unit or visit,, or