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Green Report -- Birthday of Recycling

Happy birthday to a California tradition – recycling cans.  The practice has changed our lives and brightened our landscape.  So it’s comforting to know that kids know all about the significance of something so earth-saving, recycling.

Fifty years ago this year, California began recycling aluminum cans and bottles--  an attempt to ease the burden on our landfills and preserve our land.  And now, the practice of returning bottles and cans for cash is second nature.  Public or private, there are many places to recycle now --- money on the spot.

Recycling businesses like this one at Redwood Acres called “Help Your Mama” have become competitive.  Successful recycling companies have done what this couple did seven years ago  --- negotiating its financial arrangement with Redwood Acres

And look for extra incentives to attract customers to drop it off.

California’s state recycling program is hoping to reduce waste by 75 per cent by the year 2020.  And recycling, just as girl scout sales drives, has become a northcoast way of life.