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Green Report -- Cost of Eggs Going Up

The cost of eggs is going up, thanks to a new California law regarding treatment of chickens.  The law, effective January 1, 2015, requires more space for chickens.  That is raising the cost of chickens per se.  That adds to the commercial cost of eggs.  It is also raising interest in home-raised chickens.  Duane Leal of Eureka has his own chickens. He lives on Harrison Avenue and uses chickens for eggs.  He has also found that his chickens control vegetation and pests, including snails and other bugs.  Leal has been raising chickens for a number of years and sharing his eggs with neighbors.

Industry watchers say the cost of eggs has risen 30 per cent in California and probably will increase even more now.  Leal said his chickens provide high-protein food sources. He also said they are also good pets for the family.  Industry watchers say chickens as a source of eggs also reduces the carbon footprint, meaning the the impact of carbon emissions on the environment.