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Green Report -- Kid Commercials

Small voices have a way of inspiring us to big ideas.  Case in point, a Fortuna girl who wants to save the planet.  In Fortuna, there is a little girl with big dreams.   Trash is among kindergartner Zoie Thomsson’s least favorite things  -- trash and its harmful effect on the environment.  That’s why she took her concerns to school, Fortuna’s Redwood Preparatory School.  There they have a trash problem.
Her teachers there say she is passionate about what she believes and very charismatic    Her classmates agree—we need to learn how to protect our environment.  So inspired by her, they will be making public service announcements—a project  funded by a five-thousand-dollar grant from P.G and E. They hope to finish their project by May, and we will be giving you updates.
They will visit our power grid to learn how energy is generated.  Then they will be using their story-telling skills to make video commercials about conserving energy--- sixth graders teamed up with kindergartners
Meanwhile, Zoie Thomsson says she wants to be a U.S. President -- or a "trash picker-upper."