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Green Report: Red Pandas As Professors

Teaching kids about our planet can be challenging, but a small red family of four is teaching great lessons...  In this week’s Green Report, Dave Silverbrand looks at a family of local celebrities and the lessons they are teaching us.

Dinner time in the branches of the Sequoia Park Zoo.  Its red pandas are dining on the mainstay of their diet, bamboo.  These red pandas are lucky because captivity is helping them live longer lives—as much as 15 years.

In the wild, they are lucky to live seven.  They are losing their natural source of food, bamboo.  In the old days, the zoo used to be an animal side-show.  Now it is a learning tool. And the children are learning sobering lessons about preserving the environment. 

Now, these students are learning first-hand about the delicate nature of ecology.  This zoo is looking for bamboo donations for these creatures, their natural food supply that isn’t so natural any more.  A textbook can be filled with facts about what we have to do to preserve the green.  But these creatures can say the same thing, here, were curiosity is a state of being. 

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