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Green Report -- We Love Electric Cars

On the Northcoast, we love the idea of electric cars.  But how much are we willing to invest in them, especially since the price of gasoline is falling?  Dave Silverbrand has found them to be enormously popular, even if the cost of gas is going down.  But there are still drawbacks to electric cars.  There are only a few places locally to recharge them, one being 4 C Street in Old Town Eureka.  Another is in a lot near Arcata Plaza.  And one is limited by the distance he can travel -- about 100 miles on a battery charge.  Additionally, used electric cars are hard to find.  That is because people who buy them tend to keep them.  In one morning search of used car lots recently, we found just one for sale -- cost $20,000.

Engineer Carl Stancil of Arcata built his own electric car four years ago and enjoys using it.  But more important, Stancil believes that it is an important statement about our dependence on oil.  To be free of that dependence is to make a good example for our children, he says.  Stancil believes it is a bad idea to destroy our environment, as oil-based industry does, in his opinion.