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Grilling safety tips for 4th of July weekend

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Barbecues across the North Coast will be grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers this weekend, but fire officials say that outdoor cooking could be dangerous.

Public Information Officer for the Arcata Fire Protection District, Jenny Williamson said the most common injury from grilling is burns. She said cooks and children will often get injuries from touching the grill cover or surface which can reach up 500 or more degrees.

Fires, she said, are most commonly started by charcoal embers escaping and burning wooden decks or when propane grills are lit improperly. Williamson recommends keeping barbecues well away from your home, deck, trees or shrubbery and to make sure pets and kids stay at least three feet away.

"Just use your common sense," Williamson said. "Be safe and have fun."