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Grow operation discovered with major enviroment damage

Willow Creek - A massive grow operation in Eastern Humboldt turns up thousands of marijuana plans and substantial ecological damage.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies and US Forest Service officials along with three scientists responded to three areas near Brush mountain and Willow Creek in a two-day operation. Officials found over 3,000 growing plants, water diversions, 24 pounds of rodenticides along with Malathion and fertilizers. No suspects were located but law enforcement collected evidence and the investigation continues.

Scientists were very concerned about the large amount of pesticides and significant stream diversion having a devastating impact on wildlife in the area. Cooling waters that normally flow into the Trinity river were stopped to water plants effecting fish populations.  Spotted owl and Fischer habitats were also areas of concern.

Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Department at the numbers on your screen.