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Halloween safety tips: what to know before you go

EUREKA - Kids are counting down the hours until they can don their Halloween costumes and hit the streets for some treats. But public safety officers have a few safety tips before they go.

With trick-or-treating, officers remind kids to look both ways before crossing the street, even on a one-way street. Children should also be with an adult and stay in groups as they walk from door to door.

For costumes, officers suggest flame resistant clothing. Reflective materials on the costume also help oncoming traffic spot the kids. Carrying glow sticks or a flashlight helps too.

With candy, check that it has not been unwrapped or tampered with. Officers say when in doubt, throw it out. 

“We will have CHP officers out in full force, specifically looking for impaired and distracted drivers. Especially Halloween being on a Friday night, we are expecting that some people are going to make that bad choice and get in a vehicle after having consumed alcohol. That's a big concern of ours so we are going to be heavily enforcing DUI tomorrow night,” Officer Matt Harvey, Public Information Officer for California Highway Patrol, said.